KARACHI    -   Mental health experts have said that approximately 12 percent people who are above 70 years suffer from dementia.

According to an international study, it was revealed that two-third of aged persons and people who have children are likely to get involved in dementia but they are unable to do anything. Every three second, a person gets into this disease in the world. Dementia itself is not a disease but it is symptomatic condition of disease.

This was discussed at the seminar at Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Institute of Behavioral Sciences – a constituent institute of Dow University of Health Sciences on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.

The seminar was addressed by the famous neurologist Dr Basheer Ahmed Soomro, Dr Haider Naqvi, Dr Qurat-ul-Ain, Executive Director Brigadier Shoaib Ahmed and others.

The experts said that according to Alzheimer Diseases International, there are approximately 50 million people who are currently living involved in dementia in the world. If the situation prevails, this number could increase three times and become 152 million till 2050.

Dr Basheer Ahmed Soomro talking about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of dementia and Alzheimer said that initially dementia patients suffer from low to medium degree of memory loss but these changes do not effect on the daily routine significantly. Dementia can be caused if there is any Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease in your family history.

He further said that around 60 to 80 percent dementia patients are likely to get involved in Alzheimer while 30 percent Parkinson’s disease patients are likely to be suffered from dementia. The dementia could be treated if one knows the different types of it and does the correct diagnosis. Dementia can be stopped and risk factor can be reduced by taking the full medical and family history of the patient.