ISLAMABAD - After the federal capital imposed complete ban on single use plastic bags in Islamabad Capital Territory, polythene bags dubbed with a stamp of degradable thronged the markets of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

These plastic bags were the same polythene sacks which were banned in the federal capital after August 14; however, this time these bags had a distinct stamp which was confusing the masses.  

Ministry of Climate Change senior official told APP that these bags were spurious and non-degradable plastic bags and the ministry would take up this issue with district administration of Rawalpindi.

He said that no such move would be allowed to spoil the environment and obliterate the law imposed in ICT.

“The menace of plastic bags has become a threat to our cities as it is resulting in urban flooding and also having hazardous impacts on human health,” he added.

He added that the ministry’s inspection team had managed to get over 95 percent compliance of the ban, whereas, few incidents of violation might occur in the suburbs of the federal capital. No tolerance would be observed against such elements, the official noted.

Naseem, a shopkeeper, told APP that the government was offering alternates which should have been introduced prior to the ban.

This would have helped to ensure the ban being imposed swiftly without resistance, however, at present we mostly face problem in managing those alternate or biodegradable bags.

Interestingly, Zafar Niazi shared his experience of 35-year shopkeeping business. He said around 35-40 years back there were khaki paper bags used to sale culinary, non-food and eatable items which should be revived to fill the gap of plastic bags.