KARACHI     -    An 18-member foreign delegation met Governor Sindh Imran Ismail at the Governor House on Sunday.

Stacey, Dr Nuhacet, Zultan, Miss Elia Viader, David Gammond, David Garcia and Xavier included the delegation.

Saeed Shafiq, Brigadier (r) Arshad Khan, Faiz Ahmed Khan, Maqsood Ahmad Khan, Waqar Ahmad Khan, Owais Ahmad Khan represented Pakistan in the meeting.

The Birds Oasis First International Parrot Convention is being held in Karachi on October 5 and 6 in collaboration with Birds Oasis.

This convention is based on lectures, presentations, workshops, parrot breeding, artificial insemination, diseases and their treatment, physiological examination and nursery management information on related topics.

Governor Sindh appreciated the efforts of the Birds Oasis on holding the first convention of this kind and said that the people would benefit greatly from the convention. There is considerable scope for working in this sector in Pakistan. The people associated with this sector can individually stabilize themselves by participating the International Parrot Convention.

He said the government will provide all possible help and support for the development of this sector.

Imran Ismail said the present government has launched a tree plantation campaign across the country to cope with the environmental changes and for its betterment.