ISLAMABAD   -   The government on Sunday strongly refuted that the private jet Prime Minister Imran Khan had used for his US visit was called back from Canada to New York by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman out of his unhappiness with the prime minister.

A government spokesman categorically dismissed as utter fabrication a report published in a weekly magazine which claimed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was unhappy with Prime Minister Imran Khan and called back his private jet from Canada to New York.

“It is totally false and absolutely carries no truth whatsoever,” the spokesman said, adding that Pakistan and Saudi Arabian leaderships enjoy most cordial and brotherly relations.

The spokesman further said that the report also carries baseless self-created theory with respect to Prime Minister’s meetings with the leaders of Turkey and Malaysia in New York. “Only people with vested interests would come up with such concocted and baseless assertions,” he added.

Bringing opposition politicians into the equation, the spokesperson said, “Desperation of the opposition is evident by their attempt to sabotage the brotherly relations enjoyed by the two Islamic countries.”

He also said that the article also attempted to undermine “the prime minister’s hugely successful interaction with world leaders in New York, mainly focusing on raising the plight of Kashmiris in the Indian occupied territory and his views on Islamophobia which were acclaimed worldwide and won hearts in the Muslim world”.

The spokesman regretted that “the article was aimed at sabotaging Pakistan core national interest of brotherly relations between the two countries for petty political gains”.

The magazine in one of its editorial pieces this week was highly critical of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s New York visit which it claimed also had ‘some unintended consequences’.

“Inexplicably, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was so alienated by some dimensions of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s diplomacy in New York”, read the article.

The magazine further alleged that the Saudi Crown Prince couldn’t have been happy at the prospect of Imran Khan, Recip Tayyib Erdogan and Mahathir Mohammad planning to jointly represent the Islamic bloc, nor with Pakistan’s interlocution with Iran without his explicit approval that he visibly snubbed Imran Khan by ordering his private jet to disembowel the Pakistani delegation.