BEIJING (Agencies) China is close to deploying its new super-weapon, carrier-killer missiles, which they say would be used to counter balance US Naval supremacy in the Pacific, reports Indian mag-azine Outlook. The anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBP) is close to becoming operational, the Global Times said, warning that Beijing would not allow foreign aircraft carriers near its waters. The claims by the official Chinese media of the missiles on the verge of being made operational comes as a top US naval commander in the Pacific has said Beijing has undertaken repeated tests of the missiles, and is probably close to making them oper-ational. China undoubtedly needs to build highly credible anti-carrier capability, the Global Times, an organ of the Peoples Daily, said in an editorial. Claiming that the missiles were a deterrent to US aircraft carrier-led battle groups operating in the Pacific Ocean, the newspaper said, for this not only does China need anti-ship ballistic missiles but also other carrier killing mea-sures. Last week, US Pacific Commander Admiral Robert Willard had said in Tokyo that China was close to operat-ionalise these missiles, but asserted that this would not deter the US to navigate in international waters close to China.