LAHORE: JI Ameer, Syed Munawar Hasan has said that Iran and Pakistan have close and strong ties of friendship and all foreign conspiracies for creating a Shia-Sunni conflict will be foiled in the country. He expressed these views while talking to the Iranian Consul General in Lahore, Ali Nikan, who called on him at Mansoora on Monday. JI secretary general Liaquat Baloch and Iranian consulate representative Syed Ali Asghar Jalal were also present on the occasion. Terming the government as US puppet, he said that the US had brought its war on terror to Pakistan after Iraq and Afghanistan. Munawar said that the Shias and Sunnis lived with mutual respect and in complete harmony in every locality of this country and foil all foreign conspiracies to pitch brother against brother. The Iranian Consul General, Ali Nikan on this occasion said that Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatullah Roohullah khomeini had close ties with the JI founder Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi and the JI. He invited the JI Ameer and secretary general to visit Iran for a direct contact with the present Iranian leadership. The JI Chief accepted the invitation and said that a high level JI delegation would visit Iran after Eid. Meanwhile, senior JI leaders including JI secretary general, Liaquat Baloch in a press statement have demanded a judicial inquiry into the river breaches caused by the rulers leading to huge losses of life, property and crops.