LAHORE Pakistan cricket legend Imran Khan has blamed the government for the betting scandal that has rocked the sport. The former Pakistan captain led his team to victory in the World Cup in 1992 and insists the men in charge of his country have to take responsibility for the shameful allegations that have devastated cricket in the past week. Imran was quoted by Alan Brazil Sports as saying: Pakistan cricket reflects at a micro level what it has happening at a macro level in Pakistan, which is a collapse of institutions. Cricket has not developed as an institution. It is run on an ad hoc basis and you can just imagine how when the president of the country, who would normally know zero about cricket, appoints the chairman of the cricket board. So now the only qualification of the chairman is that the president has selected him. What youre seeing right now is the shambles that is called our cricket board. And of course its reflected in the haphazard way the team is selected and the teams discipline, he said. And the result is what is happening right now with the awful humiliation of match fixing and spot fixing. The investigations into last weeks allegations continue, but Khan is in doubt that, if the accused are found guilty, the punishments must fit the crimes. Imran, who retired from international cricket in 1992, added: The first time these allegations came up was in 1993. I told the board then they should conduct a thorough investigation and that if there were key players involved they should take action. That would have set a precedent and we would not be in this position today. If these allegation are true, there should be a suitable punishment. But they should make a distinction. Anyone found guilty of match fixing should be banned for life. Spot fixing should be a lesser crime but the message should go out that crime does not pay so there should be limited time ban and a fine to act as a deterrent, he added. But you wonder what will happen after the investigation. If its proved these boys are guilty, it will open a Pandoras box. People will wonder how much spot fixing goes on because its almost impossible to detect, he further added. Pakistan captain Salman Butt and pacer duo of Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamirs roles in the recent Lords Test against England are being probed by the Scotland Yard and the ICC. During the Lords match, Asif and Aamir allegedly bowled three no-balls after taking bribes from a bookie. Imran said such things did not happen during the 10 years when he was at the helm of the Pakistan team. Imran, however, declined comment on opening batsman Yasir Hameeds claim that his teammates fixed almost every game and he was dropped from the national team for two years because he did not go along with his corrupt colleagues. I cant comment on what Yasir Hameed has said because he is denying it... Whatever has come on record he is denying. So we dont know the truth, Imran said.