LAHORE - A cold war is going on between the secretary and director general of the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, as a result of which other officers and officials of the said department are at a loss to understand whom they should follow, TheNation has learnt. The tension of transfer postings has also affected the working of the department. The officials of the department disclosed Director General Dr Nasrullah Khan on last Friday transferred four district wildlife officers from their positions. However, the secretary took no time to reverse the orders and issued also directives for the new transfer postings. The officers who were issued the orders on Friday by the DG office include District Wildlife Officer Sheikhupura, Muhammad Rafique, District Wildlife Officer, Amjad Farooq, District Wildlife Officer Jhang, Jamshed Qadir Bhatti and District Wildlife Officer, Layyah, Khuda Buksh. Secretary Wildlife and Parks Department, Punjab, Babar Hassan Bha-rwan cancelled the orders of the four district wildlife officers and issued directives for the new transfer postings. The officials privy to the secretary and DG offices alleged the ongoing cold war between the both offices was affecting the working and performance of the officers of the department, as they (officers) were perturbed over this dangerous game of the transfer postings by their bosses. The officials also disclosed the officers who were transferred and posted under the secretarys office directives included Muhammad Ayoub, Irfan Faruqi, Azhar Saeed Janjua and Iftikhar Ahmad. According to the recently issued orders District Wildlife Officer Rahim Yar Khan Muhammad Ayoub had been made Assistant Director Faisalabad, Guttwala, and District Wildlife Officer Baha-walpu Irfan Faruqi has been given the additional charge of the Rahim Yar Khan district. Curator of Bahawalpur Zoo Azhar Saeed Janjua had been made Assistant Director Faisalabad and the charge of the Curator Bahawalpur Zoo was given to Assistant Director Bahawalpur, Ifikhar Aha-md, the officials disclosed. The officials of the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department confided to TheNation the ongoing cold war between DG Dr Nasrullah Khan and Secretary Babar Hassan Bhrawan disturbed the working of the officers who were unable to decide whether they were to follow DGs instructions or the big boss secretarys directives during their routine working. When contacted, DG Dr Nasrullah to know his comment on the story of the cancellation of the transfer postings made by the secretary, he did not attend the phone call.