ISLAMABAD Member Finance of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) in sheer violation of the Ogra Ordinance, 2002 holds the charge of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in addition to the charge of Finance and Accounts without relevant experience of twenty years under the rules. Pervez Khan, Member National Assembly from Awami National Party (ANP) disclosed this during the NA Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat meeting here on Monday and questioned Chairman Ogra about the legality of the giving the portfolio of CNG to Member (Finance). Chairman Ogra, Tauqir Sadiq while giving a vague answer said that it was matter of coincidence that Member (Finance) was also an engineer. But he was of the view that he would see if any violation had been done in this respect. Ogra that was established under the Ogra Ordinance, 2002 says that the Authority shall consist of a Chairman and three additional Members out of whom one shall be designated as Member Gas, one Member as Member Oil and one Member as Member Finance. Under the Ordinance, the Member Gas shall be a person who holds an appropriate degree in the relevant field and is an experienced, eminent professional of known integrity and competence with a minimum of twenty years of related experience in the field of natural gas, including the transmission and distribution thereof. Under the rules, Member (Finance) should also have the same length of experience in the field of corporate finance or accounting. However, according to the briefing given by Ogra to the Cabinet Secretariat Committee, Member (Gas) holds the charge of Natural Gas, LNG and Complaints while Member (Finance) has the portfolios of Finance, Accounts and CNG. Pervez Khan while talking to this scribe said that it was a clear violation of Ogra Ordinance and it smelled rat as to why a person has been given the charge of CNG who has only relevant experience in accounts and finance. It is amusing to note here that Ogra has not received any complaint against its any decision since last seven years when Ogre Ordinance was promulgated. Under the Ordinance, Ogra is itself the appellant authority against whose decision; any aggrieved person can lodge complaint, which is also amusing. Under the Ordinance, any person aggrieved by any order or decision of the delegates of a power delegated by the Authority under section 10 may, with in thirty days of the receipt of such decision or order, prefer appeal to the Authority and Authority shall hear or decide the appeal within 90 days from the date of its presentation. Moreover, Ogra Chairman could not satisfy the parliamentary body regarding the imposition of varying surcharge on petroleum products from the Authority depending upon the distance from the main supply point. However, Pervez Khan would send a separate questionnaire to the Authority for the detailed answers to these queries. Chairman Ogra also informed the Committee that there is no possibility for increase in the price of up till next year.