LAHORE- A constitution petition has been moved before the Supreme Court to seek dissolution of MQM and disqualification of the parliamentarians of this party as member of the assemblies. Watan Party and Barrister Zafarullah Khan have filed the petition in the Lahore registry of the Apex Court on Monday. The petitioners have stayed the case mainly on the point that MQM is a foreign-based party with its Quaid Altaf Hussain a permanent resident of Britain and the central office of the party is in London hence they all are hit by Articles 17, 19, 62, 63, 63(a), 14th Amendment Act of 1997 read with section 15 and 16 of the Political Parties Order 2002. The petitioners have levelled allegations against MQM that its central office has become 'hub of international agencies and conspiracies against the 'existence of nuclear Pakistan. They have also charged MQM for working against the democratic set-up in Pakistan to see it eventually disintegrated. They have particularly mentioned about the recent statement of Altaf Hussain wherein he asked the army generals to take action against the corrupt politicians as done in the past during the martial law governments and extended support of his party to the 'patriotic generals. That Altaf Hussain also voiced for a martial law type action by some patriotic generals to bring an end to the hegemony of corrupt politicians and landlords. This statement of Altaf, they argue, have taken everyone by surprise in addition to stirring up a wave of anger in all quarters. They said MQM had always been a partner with the Army and this time too it was on the same course, adding, this all is not only unconstitutional but also amounts to abrogation of the constitution. They prayed to the court to declare MQM a foreign aided party seeking martial law in the country hence it may be dissolved and MQM members be disqualified to hold membership in the house for the remaining period.