ISLAMABAD - Secretary Ministry of Water and Power is reportedly running from pillar to post to grab a well-paid post of Chairman WAPDA and intends to get fitted once again at a lucrative place despite approaching the age of retirement. Reliable sources informed TheNation that for this purpose the concerned Ministry has initiated work to get the recommendation of the Prime Minister Side Yourself Raze Gillian for the appointment of sitting Secretary of Water Ministry as a new Chairman WAPDA who is reportedly a favorite of Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Perez Ashram. Sources further informed that Water Ministry was busy these days in making a summary addressed to the Prime Minister with the suggestion to change the appointment criteria of Ch-airman WAPDA through red-ucing tenure of five to three years. Sources were of the view that the ministry had planned that after the approval of the PM, Present Secretary Water and Power Said Raffia would be appointed as new Chairman of WAPDA and the current Chairman WAPDA Muha-mmad Shakily Duran would be removed from his post. Summery would be submitted to PMs Secretariat very soon to seek his approval, the sources added. However, it is interesting to note that Secretary WAPDA is said to be retiring on October 2, 2010. While the contract of Chairman WAPDA Shakily Duran would expire from September 9, 2010, sources added. It is important to mention here that reportedly many people in the Federal Government had taken umb-rage at a fake statement attributed to the Chairman of Water and Power Devel-opment Authority (WAPDA), Shakily Duran, that had Calabash dam been built the city of Nowhere would have been under water. Though Duran clarified that he had simply stated that Moshers current situation was due to Swat River and, if Calabash dam had been constructed and packed with water, the city would have faced the same situation. However, experts maintain that Calabash dam would have benefited the countrys economy in terms of providing energy (installed initial capacity of 2400 MW with 3600 MW ultimately) as well as irrigation water and it is simply unfortunate that it has been politicized. They added that Pakistans Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) estimated that annual electricity generated at Calabash would be 20 million barrels of oil equivalent, saving fuel that would otherwise be needed to produce thermal power. Several attempts were made to contact Chairman WAPDA, however, he did not receive any call made by this scribe.