LAHORE Terrorist activities being perpetrated in various parts of the country are part of enemys plan to destabilise Pakistan, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif said here on Monday. He maintained that the nation was determined to frustrate the enemy designs through concerted efforts. The two-time prime minister said this while talking to reporters in the Emergency section of a local hospital where he inquired after the health of those injured in Wednesdays three back-to-back blasts near Karbala Gamay Shah, which killed more than 40 people and injured some 300 others. Security at the hospital had been tightened and traffic diverted. The nation will not give in to the terrorists, said the PML-N leader. Replying to a question, Nawaz said the enemy could harbour the desire to consign Pakistan to yet another military rule. He, however, made it clear that the country could not afford such an eventuality yet again. He said the National Assembly had already addressed in detail the speech made by MQM Chief Altaf Hussain on the subject. When it was pointed out to him that the NAB prosecutor-general, whose sacking had been ordered by none else but the Supreme Court, was still there on the job, Nawaz said it was regrettable to find that the Apex Courts decision had not been implemented. He called upon the government to enforce the verdict. The former prime minister said the judiciary had been restored not with a hope that it would provide a chance to the government to flout its verdicts. He said if President Asif Ali Zardari was obstructing the judicial verdict, the Prime Minister should stop him. Otherwise, he said, both the President and the Prime Minister would be held responsible for defiance He told a questioner that an all-party conference being considered by the government on the issue of flood situation had lost its utility as the time to hold it was already over. This was the time, he said, when all efforts should be made for the rehabilitation of the millions of people displaced by floods. The PML-N chief said he had directed Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who is also his brother, not to relax until every homeless was back to his place. He said he himself would visit all provinces to get first hand information about the relief and rehabilitation measures. He said it was true that the floods were the severest ever in the countrys history, but the governments response was also somewhat slow. He singled out the Punjab government for praise on account of its efficient response to the disaster. About the maltreatment of an Islamabad-based journalist of an English language daily, Nawaz said the government must catch the culprits without falling prey to any expediency. The government must make it a test case. In case it failed to track down the culprits, it would be regrettable. He was of the view that such incidents had tarnished Pakistans image at the global level. He likened the incident to the one that had taken place during the Musharraf era, when Rana Sanaullah Khan (now provincial law minister) had been picked up and tortured. The abductors had also shaven off the head and eyebrows of the leader from Faisalabad, he said. The PML-N chief was all praise for the media role in exposing excesses and injustices rampant in the society. Urging the media to continue to play its due role, he said the PML-N would fully back it. Earlier, Nawaz Sharif inquired after the well-being of the injured and prayed for their quick recovery.