SADIQABAD - The PML-F Punjab president has warned that if the PML-N does not make seat adjustment with his party, the Punjab ruling party will have to suffer a loss across the province in the forthcoming general elections. "The politics of prejudice is not in the national interest. Those planning to win the general elections on the basis of Punjab card, Sindh card, and Pathan card will cause a loss to the country," said Syed Ahmad Mehmood in Jamaluddin Waly, Sadiqabad while talking to the media on his return from London.   He said that from constituencies NA-197 and PP-296, Syed Murtaza Malik and Rana Tariq Mehmoud would be PML-F's candidates respectively in the general elections. Only because of his party's support, the PML-F leader claimed, in 2008, the PML-N won all the national and provincial assemblies' seats in Sadiqabad. However, he added, across the Punjab, the PML-N had to suffer defeat.  He disclosed that his party discussed with the Punjab ruling party's central and provincial leadership the issue of their seat-adjustment and Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif had agreed to make electoral alliance between both the parties in the general elections. He also warned that if the PML-N did not make seat adjustment with his party, the election results would not be different from that of 2008. He added he had also met with the Punjab chief minister in Lahore on his return from London and discussed with him their future strategy. Talking about the restoration of Bahawalpur province, he said that his party would keep on raising a voice in this regard at every platform and if needed, it would make the masses take to the streets for reinstatement of the provincial status.  He said that the PML-N and the PPP were politicking on the issue of new provinces and it was not in the national interest.He was of the view that the PPP, PML-N and PTI would try to play Sindh, Punjab and Pathan cards respectively in the forthcoming elections. Nevertheless, he said, for the elimination of deprivation and backwardness of South Punjab, Bahawalpur province should be restored and South Punjab province should be created.  He added that the PML-F never did politics of prejudice rather spread fragrance of brotherhood, equality and love across the district. He added that for political gains, cultivating seed of the politics of prejudice might be dangerous for the country. Thus, all the political parties should call for votes on the basis of their manifesto and agenda. He expressed the hope that his party would win the general elections.