Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday said India and Pakistan should not provide any chance to the non-political elements to create tension between the two neighboring countries. Talking to reporters in front of the Parliament House, Rehman Malik said that President Asif Ali Zardari’s recent visit to India and meeting with the Indian leadership in Iran contributed to the normalcy of situation in the region, adding that thinking on both the sides has been changed after the recent developments. He said that both the neighboring countries are facing the threat of terrorism, adding that both countries require to sit together in order to search solution of the terror problem. He said that India and Pakistan relations are on the route to normalcy. Rehman Malik said some of the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were crossing their defined limits on the charges of which some elements were asked to leave the country. He said that previously the order of deportation of some elements belonging to NGOs was withheld to ascertain the position of these elements.