It is a truism to say that politics is a game of compromises and there never is a permanent enemy. This has been proven once again, as an MQM delegation headed by Senator Farooq Sattar held negotiations with PML-N leadership on issues of mutual interests. During the course of these parleys, the MQM extended an invitation to Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to visit Nine Zero. This has been responded positively by the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, while he termed the meeting between the two arch rivals a step in the right direction. The latest contact is not the first between the two. During Nawaz Sharif’s first tenure as the prime minister, then Muhajir Quami Movement was a coalition partner in the Sindh government that did not last long due to unfortunate situation in the troubled Karachi metropolis. The current issues on which the two sides are trying to arrive at a consensus are the holding of local body elections and prospective interim setup. Now that Nawaz Sharif is desperately trying to hold grounds in Sindh and has undertaken several visits to the province, the PML-N needs to have good contacts with all stake-holders, including the MQM. As recent polls indicate that the PPP would lose support in the home province, the MQM and PML-N could gain benefit out of it. However, it remains to be seen what transpires when the two meet at Nine Zero.