ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has signed a memorandum of understanding with Palestinian ruling party Al-Fateh to extend its political support for the logical conclusion of the ongoing Palestinian cause.

The MoU was signed by PTI Chairman’s Advisor on Foreign Political Parties Shehzad Waseem and Palestinian envoy to Pakistan Dr. Hazim Abu Shanab here on Thursday.

In his remarks on the occasion, Shehzad Waseem stated that his party stands by the Palestinians and supports their historic struggle for freedom. “Be it Kashmir or Palestine, Pakistani people stand by their aggrieved Muslim brothers and extend their moral as well as political backing for the resolution of all outstanding issues according to the assent of local people.

According to a statement issued by the party’s central office, Dr. Abu Shanab appreciated the support extended by PTI for the people of Palestine. According to him, PTI was the emerging political power of Pakistan that is likely to play an important role in the local as well global politics and hence its support for the cause would strengthen the historic struggle of freedom.

“Palestinian people value the moral support and political backing by their Pakistani brothers and sisters,” he added.

Commenting upon the role of youth of both the countries, Dr. Abu Shanab marked that Pakistani youth, quite like Palestine was endeavouring for their rights. He stated that cooperation between both the countries would help people taking the advantage from each other’s experiences.

On the occasion, he presented a souvenir of Al-Aqsa Mosque to the PTI leadership.