MALAKAND – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has said that they are ready to forgive the bloodshed of all their martyrs just for the sake of peace and betterment of Pakhtuns, however their desire for peace should not be considered their weakness.

This he said while addressing a public gathering at Government Degree College, Batkhela, on Thursday. He said that if the terrorists left the way of terrorism and gave a guarantee for peace in the province, they were ready for talks with them. Hoti said the province faced too many hardships due to terrorism and devastating floods, especially in Malakand division, which badly affected the economy, adding that however the government with the help of the people overcame all these problems and put the province on a new path of development. He said that keeping in view the problems of people, they opened the mouth of national exchequer for the welfare of people. The ANP-led government and its leadership won the name of this province and after 18th Amendment they have received Rs 110 billion, as electivity royalty and Rs 40 billing as gas royalty. He said that the provincial government has decided that it will spend the money on hydel project and 24 new hydel projects will be constructed in the province, which will generate 2000 mega watt electricity. The work on Khan Khur, Daral Khur, Matetan Kalam and Lavi Chitral are in progress. He said that provincial government would also make a company for oil and gas exploration in KPK. He said that they have increases local quota from 5 to 10 percent in income received form that area. He said that the provincial government has give Rs 3 billions to needy jobless youth free of interest and giving 1 billion and 300 Millions rupees for Hunarmand Rozgar Scheme. Amir Haider told that the K.P government has introduced Laptop Scheme with one billions rupees for first time in the history of province. He told that A.N.P during election process promises that ANP will bring peace in the province and will give pen in the hands of Pashtun’s children. To day we have established 8 new universities in the KPK and Rs 10,000 and 12,000 per month metric and FA and FSc and to top ten position holders of every board in KPK under the Stury Da Pakhtunkhwa programme.

“This impression is totally wrong that the government is going to change the administrative status of Malakand Division,” the CM said. He announced developmental works for Malakand including establishment of Dargai Industrial estate with a cost of Rs 20 crore, vocational college for boys in KPK 98 with Rs 10 crore, Thana Palai road with Rs 23 crore, upgradation of DHQ Hospital Batkhela with Rs 5o core, furniture and fixture for civil hospital Thana Rs 4 crore and 30 lakh, Amandara Totakan protection work Rs 7 crore and 50 lakh, Qalangi bridge Rs 6 crore and 90 lakh, Anzirgai road Rs 10 crore, sports stadium in Thana Rs 10 crore and 92 lakh, Rs 2 crore for primary schools upgradation, Rs 3 crore for high schools upgradation, Rs 4 crore and 30 lakh for four water supply schemes, and Rs 10 crore for various small developmental works in Malakand were announced.