ISLAMABAD - Amid walkouts staged by a number of Senators belonging to restive Balochistan province irrespective of their parties affiliation over what they called government's non-seriousness to undertake a scheduled two-day law and order debate, with special reference to sectarian killings and Pakistani Hindus migration to neighbouring countries, marred the proceedings of the House.The debate will continue on Friday (today) to be addressed by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who on Thursday informed the House that he possessed some high-profile information regarding the issue ,adding, that holding of an in-camera session of the Parliament is required to disclose that specific information. When the chair allowed to initiate the debate, only 12 legislators were present in the House, with no Senator from Balochistan except Senator Sardar Fateh Muhammad Hassani of PPP. The debate lasted for approximately less than an hour where only two Senators including Syed Tahir Mashhadi of MQM and M Hamza of PML-N delivered their speeches over the issue.Senator Kalsoom Parveen of BNP-Awami, Wali Muhammad Badini, an independent Senator from Balochistan and Abdul Nabi Bangash of ANP staged walked-out from the Senate alleging government for deliberately violating defined rules of the House."It was decided in House Business Advisory Committee that Balochistan issue would be given two complete days. But you (chair) deliberately avoiding to undertake the debate," Senator Kalsoom Parveen flayed after the chair allowed Senators to speak on point of orders at the conclusion of question hour session.Upon consecutive walk-outs, the chair allowed Senator Tahir Mashhadi to move the motion regarding initiation of law and order debate. Senator Col (Retd) Tahir Hussain Mashhadi of MQM said speech delivered by founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on August 13, 1947 provides the purpose of creation of Pakistan.He said Constitution of the country also let free every Pakistani to practice religion of his/her choice. He said not only Shia Muslims but also the Hindu community living in Pakistan had been disgraced through frequent incidents of kidnapping and murder at the hand of fundamentalists.He said recent wave of "ethnic cleansing" in Balochistan province was tantamount to the complete failure of country's each and every law-enforcement agency, including ISI, IB, MI, Special Branch, Rangers, police etc.He said killing of Shias in the country was not a new phenomenon, as it had been occurring since 1979. He made a stunning revelation that an average of 1000 Shia Muslims are killed in the country every year, after 1979. "It is stunning. But Shias usually don't share such information because they love this country and don't want to create unrest here," he said.Mashhadi also criticised the role of judiciary in this saga. "Judges are quick in given statements but their judgments speak otherwise. Independent judiciary has given complete independence to murderers, who kill innocent countrymen because of their religion but not tried properly in the courts," he added.Criticising role of Punjab, he said, banned Jehadi organisations are being supported in the province openly and covertly.Senator M Hamza of PML-N said it was apparent that incumbent regime had completely failed to keep in control the situation of the province.He said in Balochistan the provincial government was supervising the crimes and criminals enjoy the support of MPs there. "Supreme Court cannot bring any significant change to the situation as there exits no administration in the province to implement court's decisions and directions."He said as far as violence in Karachi was concerned all the political parties including ANP, PPP and MQM were responsible for that. "Karachi police, that is supposed to be the protector of lives and properties of common man is playing in the hands of political parties."He said country's spy agencies have also failed. "Even they were not aware of the presence of Osama Bin Laden and his whole family in a garrison city." Later, the House was adjourned to meet again on Friday (today) at 10am.