LALAMUSA - The annual elections of the Gujrat Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 2012-13 were held in a peaceful atmosphere at its office. According to the results announced by GCCI Election Commission Chairman Aamer Nauman, Shaheen Group headed by Haji Nasar swept the elections with thumbing majority and thus upheld its superiority for corporate class as well as for associate class and declared successful. Out of 118 total votes of corporate class, 114 were cast. Shaheen Group's eight candidates for corporate class executive members include Malik Bilal Tariq with 83 votes, Nabeel Ahmed Ilyas (82), Jamshid Iqbal (79), Bilal Nayar (78), Aftab Advocate (70), Malik Gulzar Hussain (66), Ali Murtaza (66) and Saeed Ahmed (65). Out of 878 of associate class, 817 votes were cast while 24 votes were cancelled for different reasons. The group's panel comprising seven contestants for the associate class executive members included Qasim Amjid Tarangi with 465, Abrar Saeed (460), Syed Asif Raza (453), Abdul Rehman (446), Syed Zaigham Abbas (419), Mian Ehsan (406) and Haji Liaquat Ali Upal (383). On the other side, Founder and Ittifaq alliances groups corporate class candidates included Amjid Farooq who secured 630 vots, Ali Jan (45), Aamer (42), Shakeel Ahmed (36), Imran Ahmed (33), Sabar Hussain (31) and Muhammad Jamil (32). Similarly, associate class candidates of the group were Ishfaq Ahmed Razi who obtained 364 votes, Seth Nadeem Ashraf (360), Afzaal Ahmed (357), Syed Khadim Hussain (341) and Haji Muhammad Suleman got 293 votes.