Since the dawn of mankind, kingship has been there. Some became kings on the basis of wealth, while others on their holiness. Monarchy became an institution which for a long time worked under the church. But we saw history which overturned the powerful church and sat King on top of everything. The king became the ultimate power. From the same time, another issue arose of who will be the heir?

By introspection of history we have seen that the eldest sons in most of the cases have become the next king. Even the bad deeds were discounted of the prince to make him the king. This tradition became holy, and the son was given the right be the king after his father. But moving along we saw that even daughters seized the thrones after their fathers were gone. Gender bias was put away, and justification of keeping the throne in the family was given by having blood relation.

We also have seen wars between brothers over throne. We have seen people getting divided for a mere seat of power. But why did people fight bloody wars to serve their nations?

Similar is the case with one of the biggest political party of Pakistan, PML-N. After disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, he lost the legal right to be the party leader, but is still massively supported by the people. There have been talks of making Shahbaz Sharif the new chairman, but who will get the lesser powerful throne of Punjab? Will Mariam Nawaz accept the less powerful throne after such an influential entry into the politics, blatantly defending her father?

After taking on roads for show of power, differences within the family came out on screen. There were tweets asking the ousted PM to change his advisors. Showing him the mistakes he is making by blocking the GT road and effecting the local man’s business. This could shape up the future of PML-N. Single throne, Chairmanship of PML-N, two candidates, Mariam Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif. Who will be the rightful heir?


Islamabad, August 15.