While the masses celebrated the 6th of September with nationalistic fervour, the civil and military leadership of the country also marked the day with the theme of “Hume Pyar Hay Pakistan Sey”. 53 years ago, Pakistan’s army proved its mettle as it successfully curtailed Indian aggression on Pakistan’s soil. The day reminds us of the sacrifices that armed forces of the country make on a routine basis for keeping our borders secure from external aggression. However, in present times, the day has more symbolic meanings when our forces are fighting a war within and without the country against terrorism making the country and world more peaceful.

Civilian and military leadership while commemorating the sacrifices of the armed forces in their respective messages have declared Pakistan’s ultimate desire for peace with all its neighbours. This desire and securing the goal of regional and global peace is clear from the sacrifices that Pakistan has made in the US-led war on terror. More than 70000 Pakistanis, both civilians and armed forces, have lost their lives as the nation decided to make the world a better place for the generations to come. On the one hand, Pakistan is fulfilling its international commitment to fight the war on terror. On the other hand, Pakistan like all other nations reserves the right to prioritise its national interests.

The message of Pakistan’s Prime Minister (PM), Imran Khan is a reaffirmation of Islamabad’s commitment to play an active part in maintaining world peace and protecting its interests in the region. Imran Khan from the first day has stressed upon the need of resolving not only the Afghan conflict, but he also finds peace contingent upon a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue if the global powers want to materialise the dream of a peaceful and secured South Asia.

Islamabad believes in peaceful coexistence and wishes establishment of cooperation with other nations including its neighbours. This principle of foreign policy that asserts Pakistan’s wish for a peaceful Afghanistan and secure South Asia was conveyed to the US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo on his visit to Pakistan, who has already left for New Delhi to bolster US-India bilateral relations. The military cooperation that will make the core of the US-Indian meetings will disturb the balance of power by default in the region. While Pakistan may struggle in fighting the war on terror and all other security challenges without the American assistance, Islamabad is determined to overcome all these challenges within and without.