Imran Khan must be wondering why he gave up the nice safe profession he had found after fast bowling, of hospital building, and gone in for founding a political party. It was perhaps not so much the internal party elections that have been a problem, as the award of tickets. It’s almost as if the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has got a guarantee of election, which makes its ticket a guarantee of success. There have been a lot of people leaving the party, not only after not winning party elections, but not getting a ticket. One of the departures has been Inamullah Niazi, who is not only Imran’s cousin, but also his brother-in-law. It seems to have been a two-way exchange. Inamullah has been an MPA, and then an MNA, for the PML(N), so he was quite a catch. I’m sure Imran must find things warm at home from Inamullah’s wife, Imran’s sister. That is the departure that may well hurt more than the return of the PTI ticket by Aleem Khan and his whole group.

I assume it is his group, though no one else has had a hair transplant done. Inamullah Niazi hasn’t, though he needs one, but not as much as Aleem Khan did. Rude little boys in his neighbourhood shouted, “Egg!” whenever he passed, such was the impression he made on them.

Another loss was in the tribal areas, where the first woman candidate who has stood has done so in revolt against the PTI, which has given the ticket to someone else, a male. Speaking of women candidates, the PML(N) ran into a spot of bother in Quetta.

But Gen Pervez Musharraf has run into grief of his own at the hands of a woman, not because he didn’t award her a ticket, but because he awarded her sister to Afghanistan. I wonder if Dr Afia Siddiqui’s sister will continue her run now that General Musharraf has been disqualified. If not, maybe she will follow more orthodox methods of protest, like burning tires.

However, someone should stop General Musharraf before it’s too late. I mean, he’s already on bail in two murder cases. Does he really want a high treason charge also laid against him. Look, this is a guy who reached the age of 50-plus without any criminal charges, now to be saddled with murder (and not one case, but two) as well as high treason. I know he’s a commando who can do anything, but he should perhaps have more regard for the uniform he wore for so many years.

And shouldn’t there be more attention paid to NAB than what the Sharif brothers seem to be doing? Unless NAB, after saying that the Sharifs had loans written off, has become totally a PPP preserve.

The PPP took a break from electioneering to hold a rally at Garhi Khuda Bux, where there was a marking of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s 34th death anniversary. The stage had the portraits of Benazir and Nusrat as well. Are we to assume that Nusrat was also martyred? If so, why not assume that Asif Zardari is one too? No cake was rubbed into anyone’s hair. For that, it will have to be a birthday.

One of the benefits of this caretaker government is the revival of Basant kiteflying, even if it is not a very good idea for two reasons. First, in a time of loadshedding, do we need the blackouts it will bring? Second, are the caretakers absolved from taking care of little children’s throats? Remember, that was the reason Basant kites got banned in the first place. Because too many glass-coated strings killed too many children by tearing open their throats. Worse, the police couldn’t stop it, and though there were loud complaints from kitefliers, the kiteflying had to be stopped so that the carnage could be. One disadvantage of Basant would be that it would draw General Musharraf here. He is an avid celebrant, and likes Basant for the foreign exchange it earns.

General Musharraf should probably be pleased his papers have been rejected for high treason, not a fake degree, a loan default, or an unpaid phone bill.

One can imagine a commando doing anything, even committing high treason, but somehow I can’t wrap my mind around a commando having a loan written off. Well, at least there weren’t any questions asked. You know, about whether you were knowledgeable about Islamic practices.

In other words, if you were an extremist. And the one thing General Musharraf wants remembered about him is that he is not an extremist.

Of course, with elections on May 8, they will be hot. True, so far the weather has held up. But spring will come to an end, and while the heat has not started, the nip has gone out of the air. Oh well, so it goes.