Spreading over 2,000 kilometres, the district roads especially linking the farmlands and markets in Mandi Bahauddin are in dilapidated condition and need urgent attention of the authorities concerned for early repair.

The Mandi Bahauddin-Phalia Road is prolonged inundated with water and sewerage thus the transporters have to use alternative routes to reach Gujrat, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Hafizabad.

Union Council Shahidanwali is located in vicinity of Mandi city and has six villages. The UC is thickly populated and the residents are mostly farmers. It has two roads to link the villages to the markets. The first road emanates from 8 RD and passing through Kot Baluch, Chak Fateh Shah, Lakhnewala and Shahidanwali reaches Mandi Bahauddin. This road is completely broken and is almost unfit for traffic, said Advocate Qaiser Abbas, a resident of Kot Baluch.

The Kharian Road has been dismantled due to lack of timely repair. People of the area are facing great problems while travelling on these broken roads. Advocate Hasan Aslam who is also PPP district secretary said during the incumbent government no development work has been undertaken particularly in NA 108 constituency that has two corresponding PA 116 and 119 constituencies as well. MNA and MPAs had badly failed to improve the road infrastructure in their constituencies. He said the government and the parliamentarian have been claiming their achievements of giving laptops and solar lamps to students as well as introducing yellow cab scheme. It should have improved the roads and irrigation network, he suggested.