New Delhi - Yuvraj Singh's exclusion from the World Cup squad has not gone down easily with his father Yograj Singh, as he again on Tuesday slammed Indian skipper MS Dhoni. In the first instance, he had held Dhoni responsible behind Yuvraj's exclusion from the world Cup squad.

But this time around Yograj becomes more scathing in his remarks and cursed Dhoni to become penniless some day. "There will be a day when Dhoni will be left to beg and become penniless and would not get any favour," Yograj said.

He went on to allege that media is responsible for giving him the crown which he doesn't deserve. Yuvraj's father also expressed a strong desire to slap Dhoni "right there", if he was a mediaperson. He said that Dhoni at one point was nothing and now he has been targeting the same media, who gave him so much coverage. Yuvraj Singh, Man of the Series in the 2011 World Cup, was one of the five senior cricketers overlooked by the selectors when the team for the World Cup 2015 was picked.

Yograj also said that Dhoni can be compared to Ramayan's Ravana. "Dhoni is arrogant. The way Ravana's proud came to an end, Dhoni will also suffer some day. He considers himself much above Ravana," Yuvraj's father said to a hindi news channel. "I feel really ashamed when other cricketers come and tell me about Dhoni. Earlier, I used to think that people must be cribbing about Dhoni due to jealousy. But when the cricketers told me about him, I think I have never seen a terrible person like him ever in my life," he added.

Yograj also questioned Dhoni's move of going ahead of Yuvraj to bat in 2011 World Cup final. Criticising Dhoni, Yograj said, "In the 2011 final, Yuvraj was going to bat but Dhoni stopped him and went to bat and became a hero. Why didn't he bat at No. 4 this time? Why did he go at No. 6? If he considers himself as a great then he should have batted at No. 6 and guided India to a win against the Aussies." However, it has been learnt that Yuvraj has distanced himself to what his father has said in the media about Dhoni. Yuvraj has been finding it difficult to make a comeback into the team due to poor form.