A:     I don’t think it is right for us to comment on security policy constructed between the civilian setup and the military. The military knows many more things than we do, and they have taken a pledge to protect the nation against all costs, we should just trust them and support them.

S:     No Ameen. Military policy has to be part of the national debate. The military is paid and funded by the nation and what the military does has a direct consequence on the social life of people. Imagine all the resources that could be saved if we did not need to have such a big military budget?

A:     But that’s not the fault of the military if it needs guns to defend borders. It’s just the situation that we are in.

S:     But how much of the situation has been created by the military? See, all organisations in a country vie for better funding. Does the military get more money because we absolutely need it to have that money? Or does it get such huge allocations because of set precedent as well as the political pressure it can exert?

A:     Of all the institutions in our country Sadiq, the military is the most efficient and most honest.

S:     Look, if the military top brass decided to over throw the government in a coup, for the betterment of the state, would you not change your position?

A:     Yes. That goes against national interest.

S:     But why? Do you doubt the sincerity of the military?

A:     No. But the interference is misguided.

S:     That is what I am saying too. That sometimes security policy is misguided. And it should be part of public debate as it has the biggest impact on the nation.