BAHAWALPUR- Windstorm coupled with downpour disrupted life across Southern Punjab, damaging mud-made houses and standing wheat crop over vast area. The affected farmers have demanded from the government to declare the area as disaster-hit and provide them with compensation. There are also reports about injuries to dozens of people during different incidents caused by the windstorm.

In Khairpur Tamewali, crops over hundreds of acres of land were damaged by downpour windstorm, in Head Rajkaan wheat crops fell to the ground while in Dera Bhaka, downpour and strong winds uprooted dozens of trees and caused walls collapse. In B’ur, strong wind blew for an hour due to which whole city got covered in sand followed by downpour which continued for hours, causing collapse of trees of a large number which suspended traffic on various road. However, the administration cleared the roads by removing trees. Strong winds and rainfall disrupted life throughout the day while electricity was also out for more than 7 hours which caused many difficulties for citizens at large. Similarly, in RY Khan and other surrounding areas suffered the same problems. However, no loss of life has been reported.