ISLAMABAD - A proposal aimed at curbing the menace of rampant spurious drugs in the country suggesting amendment in section 32 of the Drug Act 1976 has been submitted to the Health Ministry.   The proposal prepared by body of experts formed by Senate Standing Committee on Interior to arrest the alarming spread of counterfeit medicinal drugs recommended the Ministry of Health to amend aforementioned section of the Drug Act 1976, as the special committee found loopholes in it. Under the first proviso of clause (b) of sub section (3) of section 32 of the Drugs Act 1976, if a drug inspector finds a person selling spurious drugs then he as per law is supposed to order him in written to provide the drug warranty within seven days. The body found that the provision of law that 'if a drug seller provides the drug warranty within seven days then the criminal liability does not apply on him' was equivalent to giving culprits elbowroom to escape the accountability. According to sources, the committee noted that the time period of seven days was more than enough for a culprit to manipulate facts and escape from criminal liability. "In the proposal submitted to the Ministry, it has been suggested to amend the particular section of Drug Act 1976 and to bind a drug seller to provide the drug warranty on the spot" the sources informed. A member of the committee argued that the proposed amendment in Drug Act would help the concerned authorities in controlling sale and manufacturing of spurious medicines as giving a time period of seven days for producing drug warranty was the cardinal flaw in existing law. "This proposal is a part of package of recommendations that have been submitted to the Health Ministry", he added.