ISLAMABAD  - Since its inception in 2002 Higher Education Commission (HEC)  is making all efforts to promote academic vitality  by providing training and development opportunities that support learning & teaching as well as assist individuals in working effectively together within their departments and throughout the university community.  In the same context, Department of Learning Innovation of the HEC took up the huge task of Faculty development across the country through its project called National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE). The project was aimed to develop the pedagogical and research skills of the teachers of university/degree awarding institutes. The major target of NAHE was to conduct professional competency enhancement programs for 3200 teachers of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) across the country. Keeping this in view a program/course of 24 days was designed. The major areas/modules covered during these programs were Educational Psychology, Research Skills, Curriculum and Material Development, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Administrative Planning and Communication Skills, Advanced Teaching Skills and Microteaching. The modules were developed by a team of expert and renowned educationists. The name of the said 24 days program was Staff Development Course (SDC). 38 Human Resource Development Centres were established across the country in the public sector universities to impart professional development trainings to 3200 teachers of HEI's. It was especially focussed to cater rural and urban areas of the country. NAHE at the end of it's first phase completed not only its stipulated figure but successfully cross the target figure and reach the figure of 3564 through 115 SDC's. This achievement of NAHE is no doubt a landmark of the project NAHE.  To assess the impact of SDC's on our teachers, NAHE awarded Research Grants to two expert researchers after an open competition to conduct research on "Impact Analysis of Faculty Development Program under the scheme NAHE".  The findings of both the research reports showed that a remarkable positive change has been observed in the participants of SDC in areas like, confidence in teaching, knowledge of individual differences, use of teaching aids, lesson planning etc. The participants also highly recommended to carry on these courses in future as well for the rest of the untrained teachers as this would definitely improve their pedagogical and research skills. The major components of NAHE are Professional Competency Enhancement Program for Teachers (PCEPT) and Incorporating Technology in Education (ITE). Likewise, Seminars, Workshops and International/National Conferences are also included in NAHE-II. This time it is very much emphasized to maximize the quality of professional competency enhancement programs and for the purpose, 2500 teachers are targeted to impart trainings. The program has officially stared in July 2008 and for the planning of the implementation of the activities of NAHE-II a Two Day Planning Workshop is scheduled on 8th and 9th of August 2008. About 25-30 experienced and expert educationists, researchers, Resource Persons, and stake holders of previous courses/programs have been invited to give their input to make this program a more beneficial and successful program. The workshop would be held at Conference Hall C and T building H-8, HEC Islamabad. The main objectives of the workshop are as how to proceed further following the lesson learnt from the previous SDC's, and as how to improve the modules, the content of the modules and their delivery/presentation in the classroom.