LAHORE - With as usual late beginning - by over one and a half hour - of the second day of the 8th Session of the Punjab Assembly on Thursday, Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan urged all the members to maintain decorum during the proceedings of the House. "It is not right" came the usual reprimand by the Speaker when he quoted yesterday newspapers carrying stories about the rumpus at the PA, and members' careless attitude towards the decorum of the House. Rana Iqbal also averred that members from both sides of the political divide must not indulge in cross talk. "You should focus on legislation, as utterance of unnecessary words and sentences, not only embarrass for the worthy members, rather also provide injure the feelings of both sides. We need to impart positive impression to the masses," he advised besides asking for positive criticism from both benches. "All members must maintain decorum and should not disturb the smooth running of the House. You should participate in constructive discussion and raise positive points. The masses have elected you to resolve their problems and carry out legislation for the betterment of the people, instead of indulging in criticism for the heck of it," he said. Besides this, Rana Iqbal asked the members no to use the MPA plates on their vehicles, especially in place of the registration plates. "Prove yourselves as law-abiding citizens. I have seen some members using MPA plates instead of registration ones, which is provided people a chance to laugh at you. You must understand that if you will follow the rules, people will automatically respect you," he advised further. He also asked the members to show security passes while entering the Assembly building, as it would help in ensuring their security. On a Point of Order, Punjab Minister for Prisons Ch Abdul Ghafoor criticised Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi for favouring President Musharraf and opposing efforts for his impeachment. Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed appealed to the Speaker for training the members of the House. Leader of the Opposition, Chaudhry Zaheer-ud-Din and MPA Ahmad Yar Hiraj assured the House that the opposition would play its positive role. Treasury members Asif Manzoor Mohal and Shaukat Mahmood Basra, on Point of Orders, talked about delays in starting the sessions. They maintained that the proceedings should be started as per scheduled time.