ACTRESS Nicole Kidman has called on the media in her hometown of Sydney to give her "a little space" during her visit there with her baby daughter. She told radio station 2Day FM she and husband Keith Urban needed to be left alone "so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town". Urban told the station photographers should not get "right in her face or in our faces because it's scary for her". Baby Sunday Rose was born in Nashville, Tennessee, a month ago. Unlike other celebrities, no photographs of Sunday have been released and Urban said they had no intention of selling any.  "I get the interest there is. But at the same time it's our little girl," Urban said. "Sometimes when people come right up in your face you think, 'Good God, would you do that to anybody else's child?'" The singer, who said he was speaking from the kitchen at the couple's home, said being a new dad was an "awesome" feeling that only other fathers could understand. "Anybody out there who's got kids [knows] it's just a certain kind of feeling that you can only experience when you do it," he said. "She's just awesome, cute little thing. I'm not looking forward to having to go on tour and having to leave." Kidman said she was looking forward to introducing her daughter, who looked like Urban with "a bit of a reddish tint" in her hair, to the rest of her Australian family.  Australian media reported Kidman and Urban have used using several decoy cars to try to avoid photographers whilst around their home on Sydney Harbour.