ISLAMABAD - The elders of the legal fraternity are displeased with the ruling coalition for placing the demand of restoration of deposed judges on the back-burner and linking the same with the impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf. "Not only the issue of restoration of deposed judges has been deferred for an indefinite period of time with the announcement of Islamabad Declaration on Thursday but also an ideal opportunity for fulfilling the promise made in Murree Declaration has been wasted", many senior jurists have regretted. Background interviews and discussions with a number of retired and deposed judges in the wake of Islamabad Declaration jointly announced by Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have revealed that the legal fraternity is totally unhappy over the new episode of politics. From Justice (Retired) Wajihuddin Ahmed to Justice (Retired) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim and from Justice (Retired) Tariq Mehmood to a deposed senior judge, everyone is perturbed over the new stance of ruling coalition that has linked the restoration of judges with success of impeachment resolution against President Musharraf. These senior jurists expressed their astonishment over the approach of ruling coalition, which has now deferred the easy reinstatement of judges till the completion of difficult and lengthy process of impeaching President of Pakistan.   Commenting on the latest development, Justice (Retired) Wajihiddin Ahmed regretted, "It is unfortunate that there is a big gap between what they say and what they are doing". Justice Wajih also came down hard on the PPP government for trying to create a rift between the deposed judges and lawyers' community by attempting to reinstate eight deposed judges of Sindh High Court the other day. "It was a crude attempt to create rift among the superior court judges, the object of shabby move was to bring down the image of our judiciary", the retired apex court judge condemned. He however lauded the leadership of PML-N for foiling the attempt made by Law Minister with the connivance of presidency.   He also pointed out that when the PPP government wanted to restore eight judges, it did not feel any need for a legal amendment, which was much propagated earlier when the entire nation was calling for restoration of all judges. Justice (Retired) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim was more critical in his remarks over the development. "I doubt that there is any intention of the ruling coalition to restore the judges. "I am very doubtful about their bona fide", Justice Ibrahim cast doubt. Referring to the Article 5 of the Constitution, the (Retired) apex court judge reminded the political leaders that loyalty to the state is the basic duty of every citizen. However, he was skeptical of the fact whether the national leaders are aware of the same or not. Justice (Retired) Tariq Mehmood, the kingpin of lawyers' movement for restoration of judges was more sorry for the picture of future when he was asked to give his views on the development.    "There was no hindrance in the way of restoration of judges especially when months have past since the expiry of the deadline given in Murree Accord for this purpose but the ruling coalition has deferred the issue for an indefinite period of time", Justice Tariq wondered. Justice Tariq said the restoration of judges was a much simple task in comparison to the procedure and stakes involved in impeachment of President Musharraf. Moreover, it was the first promise of ruling coalition that it made to the nation while signing Murree Accord many months ago, he recalled. One of the deposed judges when contacted for his views on the declaration also expressed pessimism over all what is happening and that what has been announced. On one hand, the rulers are deferring the issue of restoration of judges for indefinite period of time and on the other, the Law Ministry is swiftly working for appointment of those deposed judges who are ready to betray Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.      The highly respected judge, desiring not to be named, also revealed that there would have been more "coups" against the legal fraternity and stance of deposed judges if the eight judges of Sindh High Court (SHC) had been given oath as planned by Law Minister of the PPP government. "Besides convincing eight judges of SHC, the Law Minister had also worked out six deposed judges in Lahore High Court and at least two more in Peshawar High Court which could have blown the lawyers movement", the deposed judge further revealed. In the case of Sindh High Court judges, the PPP government worked overnight but in our case they feel the need for constitutional amendment, he sarcastically said.