This refers to a letter titled 'Dam we must' by M. Yaqoob Bhatti that was published in your daily on August 3, 2008. Pakistan has been blessed with potential for generating more or less 54000 MW of hydel electricity. Unfortunately, we have not been able to tap this resource for one reason or the other. Fully cognizant of the need for hydropower development in Pakistan, the present management of WAPDA is focused on harnessing this low-cost yet clean resource of energy. It is important to note that the construction on 969 MW Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project has already commenced. Pre-qualification bid of contractors for 4500 MW Diamer-Basha dam is also under way and physical work on this gigantic project is expected to start by mid 2009. In addition, WAPDA is vigorously carrying out feasibility studies and making detailed engineering designs of a number of hydropower projects with accumulative capacity of 25, 000 MW. Most of these studies, presently in advance stages, will be completed by the next year and the projects will be initiated. WAPDA is confident of starting construction on hydropower projects of 18, 000 MW during the next five years. These include Kohala (1200 MW), Bunji (6000 MW) and Dasu (4000 MW) hydropower projects to name a few. -RAZA-UL-HAQ SIDDIQUI, Director Public Relations, WAPDA, Lahore, August 6.