LAHORE - Pakistan Peoples Party member of the Punjab Assembly Tahir Mehmood Hundali has accused the Chief Minister Punjab, Senior Minister Punjab and his party for not protecting his life while his enemies from the previous political dispensation have engaged criminals to murder him. "I have talked to every body concerned, but I feel that nothing has been done so far. Now the killer of my brother has reached the MPA Hostel where I had taken refuge for saving my life," said Tahir Hundali while addressing a press conference at the MPA Hostel on Thursday. While requesting the government of cleansing the MPA Hostel of arms, Hundali said if he would not get justice and time from Shahbaz Sharif for meeting, he would be left with no choice, but going to the Khuli Kutchery of the CM Punjab like an ordinary citizen. This was the second consecutive day when he had raised the issue. On Wednesday, on the floor of the House, Hundali pointed it out after Proclaimed Offender was arrested from the Hostel where the former had been allegedly given protection by a former MPA Abdul Rehman Gujjar, who was staying in room 109 of another MPA Irfan Ashraf. "This Hostel is no more safe for me, as the murderer of my brother reached even my door. I have requested the government for providing me security, but it has not been actualised. Moreover, I have raised the issue at the recent Parliamentary Meeting of the Party," said Hundali adding Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed had talked to him on Thursday morning, but nothing had been done so far. While accusing the Vario family - Akhtar Vario, Khush Akhtar Subhani, Armaghan Subhani - of Sialkot for making all-out efforts for killing him. "They have been nominated in other FIRs, while a Deputy Superintendent of Police Akram Ullah Khan and Inspector Adnan Malik, and Anwar alias Annu were nominated in the FIR registered after the murder of my brother. Both policemen are serving in the same city. Now these all have ganged up against me after I have defeated them in the last elections," he maintained while asserting that it was only due to political reasons only that the alleged persons wanted to kill Hundali.