KARACHI - The sacked employees of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) staged protest demo in front of Karachi Press Club here on Thursday demanding reinstatement of their services and release of fund of NCHD. Holding placards inscribed with their demands outside the Press Club, the dismissed employees, who arrived at Karachi form 23 districts of Sindh Province, condemned the decision to wind up NCHD operation in 114 districts of Pakistan, and terminating the services of a 80'000 employees, terming it the economic murder of thousands of families. Addressing at the sit-in Wajid Sheikh, Abdul fatah Moro, Mujeeb Khatri and others said that government never tired of claming to be working for providing food, clothing and shelter to masses had acted otherwise by sending 80,000 employees home. They said the move was surprising because the NCHD had won Unesco's 2006 International Literacy Award after managing enrolment of over 8.2 million school children and establishing 21,639 community-based schools and 122,000 Adult Literacy Centres. Speakers said, In 2001 the President of Pakistan established a Task force on Human Development to suggest ways to tackles Pakistan's chronically poor human development indicators. The Task force identified lack of capacity, lack of community participation, poor planning and coordination, and lack of resources as some of the reason for under-development. Its recommendations included setting up a National Commission to provide implementation support at grassroots level. Speakers furthers said, consequently, National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) was formed in July 2002 and currently it is working in 114 District throughout Pakistan.NCHD's core programs include education and health care. Education programs include the Universal Primary Education ,Adult Literacy Centers, Non-formal Basic Education and community feeder schools. Health care programs include ORS and Training, Primary Health Care Extension, School Health Programs and Basic Health Education. NCHD also has programs for capacity-building and promoting volunteerism. To carryout its program activities, NCHD engaged around 80,000 deserving candidates, mostly from rural areas, by providing them employment, which besides obtaining the program objectives of enhanced access to services delivery for common people, contributed a lot in improvement of socio-economic conditions throughout country. However On 1st of August 2008, all of NCHD employees have been served termination notices due to financial constrained caused by stoppage of funding to NCHD by government. They apprehended that due to wind-up of NCHD operations, about 400,000 children currently enrolled in Primary classes of Feeder Schools opened by NCHD will be tranded out of schools. About 550.000 people dependent on almost 80,000 employees of NCHD for their bread and butter would also be affected adversely by this situation. Speakers demanded that 80,000 sacked employees, of which approx 21,000 come from Sindh, that the present political leadership of Pakistan, and representatives of the Federal and Provincial Govemment should look into the matter of (NCHD) closure and termination of all NCHD employees and solve the problems by release of withheld NCHD funding by Federal Government and speedy approval of PC-1 for future funding. Earlier the employees also submitted chartered of demands at Bilawal House, Governor House and took out a protest rally.