LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution against 58-2(b), which allows the president to dissolve the elected assemblies besides imposing the Governor's Rule in the provinces. It has been proposed in the resolution - yet to be recommended to the Federal Government - that the right of dissolving the assemblies should be given to the National Assembly, while the imposition of the Governor's Rule must be given to the respective Provincial Assemblies, instead of keeping it with a single man 'President'. "For the protection of the rights of the people of Pakistan, and the Punjab, it must be recommended to the Federal Government that Article 58-2(b) of the Constitution, which gives the right to a single man 'President' that he can, through illegal usage of this Article, dissolve masses' elected National and Provincial Assemblies at his will, and impose the Governor's Rule in the provinces by using his power, should be withdrawn from the President. Secondly, whenever he (the President) feels, can cause death to democracy, which is proven through history. These two Articles deny the very existence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is equivalent to the mutilation of the masses' verdict. Eliminate these unlawful powers as soon as possible. Give the rights (of dissolving the assemblies, and imposing the Governor's Rule) to the National and Provincial Assemblies respectively," said the resolution moved by Raja Shaukat Aziz Bhatti, who belongs to the forward block of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q. The House unanimously passed the resolution despite the fact that the Opposition members were also present, but none of them opposed the resolution, though Opposition Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, while talking to the media outside the Assembly building, said the Treasury benches played trick as they were out of the House for prayers. Interestingly, there was no announced break for the Zuhr prayers. A senior member of the House Mian Rafique Ahmed - also named as Baba-e-Point of Order - said removal of the Article was of tangible importance, but practically it was difficult to 'bell the cat'. Provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan said the political leadership of the coalition government was busy in Islamabad to make arrangements for 'belling the jackal'. He expressed confidence that people's opinion will prevail over every thing and democratic forces will emerge victorious. He congratulated the people of the Punjab and their elected representatives for taking the lead in passing such a highly important resolution. He thanked the Opposition for its positive contribution in this regard. The mover of the Resolution thanked the House as well.