ISLAMABAD - President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf Thursday decided not to go to China and stayed back to fortify his line of defence against the ruling coalition's move to impeach him through a process announced along a charge sheet. Although the official mouthpieces of the President were either keeping mum or were out of contact, well-placed sources told The Nation that Musharraf was not afraid of addressing the parliament. He consulted his legal aides besides passing instructions for his allies in the political arena to pull up the socks. According to the sources, the President cancelled his visit to prevent bad image of the country in the possible event of his impeachment while representing the international event like the Olympics. "It was not that the President was not bothered about the impeachment move but he was also not in any sort of panic in the given situation emerging against him," one of the insiders told The Nation on condition of anonymity. "He told one of his associates who came to visit him Thursday that he would not submit to any political or non-constitutional pressures," the source said quoting the President as saying, "This is my Parliament, I would walk down anytime to address them." The sources said that the President was confident to defeat the movers of the impeachment or no-confidence on all grounds constitutional, legal, and political. Therefore, the President has instructed his political outfits to arrange for fracturing the two-thirds majority if at all the movers manage so. Meanwhile, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, one of the key supporters of General Musharraf currently heading newly established political party namely the Awami Muslim League, denied the reports about his meeting or telephonic contact with the President. Asked about his political analysis, Sheikh was of the view that the ruling coalition would not be able make the number required for the impeachment. "I believe they would fall short of the required number with a significant margin," he added. "Had they restored the judges instead of such a half-baked impeachment move, the President must have been perturbed," he opined and added, "now is not the situation to leave the President as moved." Similarly, Aftab Khan Sherpao leader of his own faction of the PPP also denied news of his meeting or tele-contact with the President. However, he too believed that the ruling coalition by embarking on a lengthy track of impeachment have pushed the issue of deposed judges to the back -burner. "If they really want to impeach the President, they should have arranged the number required and go ahead with it," Sherpao observed adding that "the lengthy process of resolutions by the Provincial Assemblies, no-confidence in the National Assembly, and eventual impeachment were part of the delaying tactics and deliberately diverting from the main issues."