KARACHI - Karachi Association for the Welfare of Special Persons (KAWSP) on Thursday demanded that the disabled people should be provided relief and the job's quota for such people should be increased. Addressing a press conference held here at Karachi Press Club, President of the association Umar Farooq and Secretary Zubair Siddiqui demanded that both the province and federal government should provide benefits for the disabled people and create more jobs to them, particularly, the blind persons should be provide more jobs as such persons were ignored in the past. They demanded to the Sindh government to include the disabled persons in the newly launched scheme that initiated in the name of Benazir Card. Demanding to the transport minister, they said that the fares for such persons should be decreased in the public transport, while the notification should be issued in this regard. They said that the management in the educational institutions and other government department create difficulties for disabled persons when such persons use to approach to the governments offices.