SRINAGAR  - A prominent Indian Kashmir leader was hospitalised Thursday after his health deteriorated on the third day of what he says will be an indefinite hunger strike, doctors said. Yasin Malik, who has a pacemaker and a history of bad health, has been on a "fast to death" since Tuesday to protest against attacks on Muslims in the Hindu-dominated southern part of Jammu and Kashmir state. Hindu hardliners have also been trying to impose an economic blockade on the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley. Meanwhile, three Indian policemen were injured Thursday after they defused a large bomb planted alongside the road leading to Kashmir's high-security airport, officials said. The route is used daily by senior officials, civilians and the military. "The powerful bomb was concealed in a roadside garbage bin," a police spokesman told AFP. "It was an 80-kilogramme IED (improvised explosive device) connected to 17 detonators," he said, adding that a major tragedy had been averted. He said the three police officers were wounded when one of the detonators exploded in a police station nearby Srinagar while they were inspecting it. India said last week that the airport would soon welcome international flights.