KARACHI: Three people who were responsible for short-term kidnapping of a doctor were arrested from the Gizri area. The victim was rescued on Monday evening.

Police reports reveal that the kidnappers had disguised as members of the health department. They made Dr. Syed Akhtar Rizvi sit in his car and held him hostage on Korangi No. 5.5. They demanded a ransom of Rs. 0.5 million for restoring the doctor to safety, and they drove around with him until they could be delivered the amount.  

The police was able to trace the kidnappers when they contacted th doctor’s family demanding ransom. They conducted a raid and were able to arrest the kidnapper from Gizri area.

Short-term kidnapping involves the abduction of victims at gunpoint, after which the victim is driven around the city for hours until cash could be arranged by the family. The ransom could entail money, luxury watches, or jewelry, anything of significant monetary value.

These kidnappings began in 2013, when about 10-15 such abductions were taking place in posh areas of the city every day.