Dear Reader,

Today I thought...

There should be a compulsory subject from kindergarten till high school which would teach people common courtesy and basic etiquettes of life. Most of people I see every day have no road sense, civic sense, don't know how to treat the opposite gender... They proudly break queues in the facade of their chauvinist machoism and don’t realise how people around them will be affected by use of their sharp tongue.

A vital prospect of the proposed subject should be to end the emerging sadness-depression and frustration growing in the youth of Pakistan. Youth should be taught that no dirty deed or mishap is worth ending their lives. They should be taught to never give up – to create a balance in life and to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

“A study found out that American kids rank 25th in competition but 1st in self-esteem and confidence”

Furthermore, the rights of a common citizen and basic day-to-day activities like how to submit a monthly bill in the banks, opening of a bank account, getting a passport, etc, should be taught.

“In Japan students don’t get any exams until they reach grade four because they are taught how to live”

In Pakistan, it’s a rat race of obtaining the highest grades and achieving the fattest pay roll.

No doubt, Pakistanis are famous throughout the world for their hard work but are also notorious for having no “balance” in their life.

We must teach our kids and emerging youth to have a balance in everything and to take care of not only ourselves but also of people around us.

It is high time to bring a change in our country.

The writer of this letter only has the power to transmit his state of mind to his readers… BUT YOU… THE READERS…have the power to spread and discuss it among their social circles. Who knows, someone among your circle has access to the power of establishment and bureaucracy.


A guy who wants his country to be better than its yesterday.