The origin of Naxalites can be traced back to the village of Naxalbari, West Bengal. At the beginning, Naxalites were just the members of far left radical communist party, with a firm belief in Marxist-Leninist ideologies. Their main motive was to take the land from rich class and divide it among the poor peasants. However, instead of peace and prosperity Naxalites are only killing regardless of the class. The security and the financial stability which was once the motive is lost somewhere and rather than awareness the only idea amongst the poor people is of fear. The Naxalites are expanding their circle and nothing in the power of government have been able to control them. The former Indian law enforcement officer, Ajit Doval once mentioned that these groups have only been able to increase their control by following the 4-G or the 4th generation strategy.

With time the Naxalites increased their influence to such extent where till 1980 there emerged more than 30 Naxalite groups. Soon they had access to arms with. The group, as of 2017, has its presence in more than 250 districts; some of the most affected areas being Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Jharkhand. This impact is directly or indirectly ruining and violating all the laws and customs that should have prevailed for a peaceful society. In this age where ISIS and Taliban run rampant, Naxals have become the third most feared militant group .

The young and the fiery ideologies of these people have had widespread influence. A lot of tribal leaders willingly offer this faction to come forward and take over their area to teach and to safeguard them. But this has resulted only in their increased power rather than their purpose being fulfilled. This voluntary surrender of leaders for the welfare of their people has only increased more violence. It was noted that over the last two decades more than 12,000 people including some security personnel have been killed by the Naxalites, which is a huge loss and a mark of embarrassment for the Indian government. Since, they could do nothing to control all these killings and this blood massacre. When the movement first started, the government took it as a law and order problem, it was unable to analyse the main cause of this mobilisation of people. This now has been claimed by outer sources as the government’s incapability.

One of the Naxal party leaders once said that they don’t pick arms unless it is for their self defence. This statement has somehow proven to have caused a lot of turmoil amongst people. People once trusted these Naxals more than their own governors especially the poor because they were a sign of hope for all people. Nonetheless, after all this trust and hope the Naxals are indulged in some other business. This new business of them is not only a threat to India and to the outside world as well. Once this group is satisfied from its work in India, it will crave more and will more to other countries for their personal satisfaction. It is said that no matter how violent and petrifying this group is once it crosses Indian boundary nothing in this world would be able to stop them. As the amount of people the Naxals attract is countless, a large proportion of this group is covered by females.