ISLAMABAD: A social media activist, campaigning for Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) PML-N after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, went missing while travelling from Pind Dadan Khan to Islamabad.

It has been three days but LEAs have not been able to find clues about his whereabouts.

The 39 year old brother Abid Malik of the social media activist commented that his brother was a steadfast supporter of PML(N) and had been censuring the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

Mudassar, the social media activist, was said to be travelling to Islamabad via public transport on Friday morning. The purpose of his visit was to get his tonsils looked at.

According to Abid Malik, “Two black double-cabin vehicles stopped the car Mudassar was travelling in as soon as they crossed Dhoke Wains. Mudassar was asked to come out of the car by two men, one of them was wearing the uniform of the Elite Police while the other was clad in the Islamabad Police uniform.

Five other men dressed in casual clothes came out of the vehicles and forced Mudassar in one of the cars. Then one of the men told the public transport car not to continue on the journey to Islamabad before 20 minutes of their departure.”

“Two black double-cabin vehicles stopped the car Mudassar was travelling in as soon as they crossed Dhoke Wains. Two men wearing the uniform of the Elite Police and one in the Islamabad police uniform asked Mudassar to come out of the car.

Mr Malik said that his brother had his mobile phone on the seat next to him where he left it when getting out of the vehicle. One of his cousins was also travelling on the same car. He took the mobile phone and told the family about what had happened.

Mudassar was a surveyor in Saudi Arabia and had only arrived in Pakistan about twenty days ago.

“My brother has never been involved in any illegal activity; he does not have a beard and has never been involved in any suspicious activities either.

“However, he is a PML-N supporter and he was criticising the elements conspiring against Nawaz Sharif. He uses the pseudonym Asmi Malik when writing on social media,” he said.

According to Mr Malik, the station house officer of the Pind Dadan Khan police station, Malik Nisar had met with him for an hour and a half on Monday and that the Jhelum district police officer had also called and asked questions but there had been no developments in the case.

“My brother is married and has a two and a half year old son. My father died in 2003 and my 70-year-old mother is very worried about my brother. We appeal to the kidnapers to release my brother because he has never been involved in anti-state activities. Although he has established himself as an anti-establishment agency on the SNS, he had never partaken in any such activities in real life. All he did was censure the elements that lead to the disqualification of PM Nawaz Sharif,” Mr Malik said.

He urged the chief justice of the Supreme Court and other decision makers to intervene and help in recovering his brother.