By Dua Khawar

Sure it is. Don’t they look adorable in colourful outfits and little accessories wrapped around their wrists and tied to their hair? Every person has a different fashion sense. Everyone should be fashion updated whether they are male or female or whether they are toddlers or teenagers. There are many brands made for toddlers to express their style such as Minnie Minors, Mushrooms, etc., everyone has the right to dressing so why cannot toddlers. Fashion means just to be updated to the popular styles and dress-up the same that means there should be no matter to keep update with fashion and nowadays fashion is the main thing in every country because fashion updated people look decent and modern. Mom’s dress their kids up for special occasions and on daily basis. Fashion clothing for kids is a huge industry worldwide. We have recently started witnessing children walking the ramp in fashion shows. If we notice ornaments, clothes, shoes these all are available at different shops and malls. We often see them trying new clothes there. During festive seasons, children are a delight to look at. They multifold the fun and joy of gatherings. We feel happy when we wear all these clothes and accessories. I like to dress beautifully and discuss my look with my friends and I feel happy too but we should only do fashion for our happiness not to show off. It is something that you do for yourself, to feel good, to feel beautiful. A good dressing sense develops in childhood and stays with you forever. Being content with yourself is the best feeling of the world, and good dressing brings the best out of us.

Published in Young Nation magazine on January 14, 2017