German police on yesterday said that two Chinese men were reported giving Nazi salutes while taking pictures in front of the famous Reichstag Building in Berlin.

 As far as being a country which is strict towards it law and order, this had been a violation for them due to which both tourists were detained.

 According to the police statement the police guarding the Reichstag had seen these two tourists of ages 36 and 49, taking photographs of each other giving the Nazi Salute.

For people this salute had been a way to show their devotion towards Adolf Hitler and to greet someone according to the Third Reich.

In regard of the German criminal code approved after World War II the salute, Holocaust denial and other symbols associated with the Nazis had been prohibited. Not only in Germany but these gestures are also banned in several other European countries such as Switzerland where recently a man who performed the “ Heil Hitler!” had to face Switzerland’s Supreme Court.

Both of the tourists were taken to a nearby police station for inspection and were released on a Bail of 500 euros.

A police spokeswoman told that the conviction could carry a prison sentence for almost three years. Although the criminal inquiry would continue, but still both tourists have been given the permit to leave Germany.