LOSANGELES-The world is predicted to end in a matter of weeks if one conspiracy theorist is to be believed.

Christian numerologist David Meade has once again warned of the possibility that the giant mysterious planet ‘Nibiru’ is about to crash into Earth.

According to his bizarre theory, this month’s solar eclipse will signal that the planet, which has never been observed by scientists, is about to collide with our own.

Mr Meade uses several passages from the Bible to back his unusual claims.

Nibiru is a different planet to the Planet Nine, which is also sometimes referred to as Planet X, that was proposed by astronomers in Caltech in January last year.  Conspiracy theorists believe the gravitational influence of the ‘rogue planet’ Nibiru disrupted the orbits of other planets hundreds of years ago.

They claim the next disruptive passage into the inner solar system could happen at any time.

Some claim that this ‘planet’ is sending ‘plasmatic energy particles’ through our solar system. The flow of energy will disrupt the ‘core flows’ of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth’s climate. They claim, since 1996, we have already been feeling the disruptive effects of the inbound rogue Planet X.

Conspiracy theorists often blame natural disasters and freak weather patterns on the planet. ‘Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax,’ Nasa has said. ‘Obviously, it does not exist.’ Despite a lack of evidence for the hidden world, which Nasa has previously stated is an ‘internet hoax’, many people believe it is real.

Nibiru, and is sometimes referred to as Planet X, has been predicted to end the world several times since 2003.

Earlier this year, Mr Meade claimed that Nibiru would clash with Earth in October after being driven here by the gravitational pull from a ‘binary star’ twinned with the sun. He said the star is difficult to spot because of the angle it is approaching Earth.

Now the conspiracy theorist has moved his date forward, claiming that the upcoming ‘Great American Eclipse’ will signal the planet’s arrival.

On August 21, just before the alleged apocalypse occurs, US sky-gazers will be treated to a total solar eclipse visible from coast to coast.

Following the eclipse, the huge planet will appear on the horizon and crash into Earth, wiping out humanity.

Mr Meade said the upcoming eclipse was a warning sign. ‘The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, is a major – huge – harbinger,’ he told the Daily Star.

The conspiracy theorist said that after the eclipse Nibiru will appear in the skies on September 23 before colliding with Earth.