A woman was shot to death by her 17 year old brother outside the Lahore High Court’s (LHC) Multan bench in an alleged act of honor killing.

Police reports reveal that the woman, Kalsoom, had married a man of her own will a few months before. She belonged to the Rajanpur area of Punjab and the girl’s family had registered a case against her marriage at the Multan registry of LHC.

When the couple arrived to court for the hearing, the girl’s brother opened fire on them. Kalsoom suffered gunshot in the head and died on the spot while her husband was severely injured. The officials have called the incident an act of honor killing.

A lawyer at the court also sustained injuries from the shooting, and was later shifted to Nishtar hospital in Multan. Kulsoom’s body was taken to the hospital for post-mortem while her brother was arrested and had his weapon seized.

Acts of honor killing are responsible for the lives of hundreds of women in Pakistan each year. These women are killed by their own family members for having exercised their will in life decisions.

The Aurat Foundation’s annual report of 2016 showed 7,852 cases of violence against women.