Islamabad-Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) today (Tuesday) will meet to decide fate of the ninety cases of foreign and local post graduates in connection with their degrees registration, an official told on Monday. He said the cases would be discussed in the Standing Recognition Committee (SRC) of the PMDC.

He said that not all the medical courses are recognised by the PM&DC. The applicants who passed different postgraduate courses from local or foreign institutes have to apply at the council for registration.

The PMDC through a procedure, give chance to candidates to apply for the registration of these courses in which the applicants are interviewed and their degrees are verified, said official.

The SRC will be comprised President PMDC Prof.Dr Shabbir Lehri, Vice President (VP), Prof. Dr Abid Farooqi, Dr Amir Bandesha, Dr Feroz Jahangir, General Khaliq Naveed and Dr Ghazi Irfan.

“90 cases, including fresh and old, will be placed at the SRC which were not recommended by the committee in previous meeting,” official said.  After the SRC, he said the cases will be forwarded to the Executive Committee and later in the council for final approval.  “The cases will be discussed by the committee and after complete scrutiny these cases will be register or refuse forwarding the recommendations to the executive committee and then council will decide the final faith of these postgraduate local and foreign qualifications,” he added.

The official also added that it is not necessary that all the applicants would qualify after scrutiny and if the committee remained unsatisfied regarding any case it will have the mandate of neglecting it also.

Majority candidates applied for the registration with the PMDC are from academics, however number of applicants from medical sciences have also applied for registration.

The official said that the meeting will continue for two days.