HYDERABAD - Hindu Community of Sindh in general and Hyderabad in particular are celebrating their colourful festival of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) on Monday with traditional religious fervoyr, enthusiasm and festivity. Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi, the thread of love) festival celebrates to bond the relationship between brothers and sisters.

The word Rakhsha means protection and Bandhan describes tie and by tying cord of thread called b Rakhib at the wrists of brothers, sisters not only expresses their love and affection with their brothers, but also show pride that their brothers always become shields for them till their last breaths, eminent medical consultant Dr Bekha Ram informed APP.

On the day of Rakhsha Bandhan, sisters after worship and religious services, ties Rakhi and in reply, the brothers renew their pledge married women visit the homes of their brothers during the day to tie the Rakhi and carry out the custom, he said.

Talking to APP Members of the Hindu Panchayet Association Advocate Parkash, Advocate Jagdesh, former MPA Eashwar Lal, Dr Sri Chand, Shankar Lal and others informed that the unsullied love between a brothers and sisters is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions and Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding by tying a holy thread around the wrists of brother.

Eminent gynaecologist Dr Pushpa said that during this colourful festival, the siblings pray for each other’s well being and the brothers pledges that they will take care of their sister regardless of the circumstances. The brothers on the occasion usually give gifts to their sisters, she said.

Noted educationist Dadi Leela said prior to commencement of this religious festival, the sisters starts their preparation by decorating Arti Thali, a special plate, which use to perform Arti having Rakhi cord, rice, grains, diya sweets, a small cup of holy water with spoon, sandal paste, incense sticks, a piece of saffron cloth, fresh and dry fruits, nuts or fresh cooked food.

The festival of Rakhsha Bandhan is more of a cultural occasion than a religious ceremony,She said and added that the festival is being celebrated in different parts of world including Pakistan with fervour and enthusiasm.

Dadi Leela further informed that we always awaits the commencement of the day as the day bring pride for them when they tie Rakhi at the wrists of their brothers with high hopes, she added.

A large number of Hindu girls, young women and even the elderly thronged the temples of the city to buy Rakhis for the grand festival.

Inside the temples of Hyderabad, many shopkeepers have set up make shift stalls for selling trendy Rakhis in different colours and designs among others items which were used in Pooja.