ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his hawks in his wings were treading the path of confrontational politics by giving a tacit linkage of Sharif’s disqualification with some conspiracy, while contrary to this narrative the former premier was categorical that he did not want to see confrontation between institutions.

Former prime minister also announced that Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif would stay back in Punjab and after threadbare discussion, the decision of bringing him in the National Assembly was dropped, and someone else would be contesting from NA-120, the seat that has fallen vacant by the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

For past couple of days, Punjab House has became a hub of political activity and under the media spotlight as Nawaz Sharif has held series of meetings with party parliamentarians, members from media and lawyers community as well as heads of various political parties, which are in the coalition with the ruling PML-N.

The extra-ordinary coverage being given to the political activities in the Punjab House has virtually eclipsed the rest of important developments taking place in the federal capital including the National Assembly session, which resumed after a break of two days and had quite serious and controversial issues on the agenda.

The former premier was blowing hot and cold about his disqualification but his lieutenants with hawkish tendency were deliberately raising the political temperature and were in complete defiant mode.

Sources in the party informed The Nation that it was a conscious exercise on the part of the ruling PML-N to give the narrative to their electorate that the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif was not on any corruption charge and there was some conspiracy behind his dislodging as the chief executive of the country.

These sources said that the party leaders were preparing ground and charging party supporters for the return journey of Nawaz Sharif to Lahore via GT Road to make it a big power show and to make their electorate realise that certain hidden hands were behind all this who did not want to see the country march on road to progress and prosperity.

In an interaction with select media persons on Monday, which was second huddle with senior journalists and editors in less than 24 hours, the former premier once again traces a conspiracy behind his disqualification, which he said would unveil at an appropriate time.

In the same context, he further referred to the difficulties he had faced over the past four years.

Nawaz once again reiterated that he did not want confrontation between institutions and stressed the need for functioning of the institutions in their defined constitutional domain.

He said that people’s mandate to rule the country should be honoured and respected and termed his disqualification over a trivial matter by the five-member bench of the apex court inappropriate.

Nawaz further stressed the need of writing of a new charter of social and political contract to define the future political course in the country and to decide who had the right to rule.

He also proposed a dialogue both within the parliament and in public to determine that who had the right to rule the country.

The former premier dispelled the impression that he in any way was trying to influence the superior judiciary and that that he was just returning home via GT Road as he had never travelled by it for quite a long time.

Terming his disqualification was made on mere charge of not mentioning the salary in his documents, which he had never taken from his son, adding that how a verdict based on this case based could lead to justice.

“Will shortly be meeting his counsel Kh Haris to decide about filing review in the case,” he replied to a question.

Nawaz questioned that was it appropriate that some of the judges had dubbed them as “Godfather” and “Sicilian mafia”, adding, “have you seen Sicilian mafia appearing before a JIT?”

Meanwhile, the former premier had held series of meetings with federal cabinet members including Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal and discussed with them overall political situation in the country.

Ahsan Iqbal briefed him on the security arrangements for his return journey to Lahore via GT Road and in this connection a detailed briefing to him would be given on Tuesday wherein the security plan would be finalised.

Former interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan and Governor Punjab Rafique Rajwana also held separate meetings with him.

Later in the afternoon Nawaz Sharif also held meeting with members of the party’s lawyers’ wing.