Islamabad-Makeshift cattle markets in different cities of the country have been setup to sell sacrificial animals for the upcoming Eidul Azha festival with healthy animals.

A report aired by a private news channel said, many traders from other cities and far-flung areas of the country have even erected stalls and prepared makeshift cottages at different localities of the capital.   

While others have preferred to take their animals to the `mandis’. Though people have started visiting different markets to purchase sacrificial animals, it is not easier for them to get these at reasonable rates.

Saif Ur Rehman, who has brought animals from Punjab province, said the owners of the sacrificial animal have decorated their animals with colorful ornaments to attract the people specially children. For visitors, food court and road side food stalls have also been set up.

Purchasing of sacrificial animals may get to peak in coming weeks while VIP tents displaying expensive animals are currently centre of attraction for children. A large number of traders from mainly Punjab and upper Sindh come to sell their animals.

A cattle seller Raja Jamshed said that there can be no prediction whether there would be more animals this year as compared to previous year.

A buyer Hassan Javed who was purchasing an animal said, “My children insisted me to buy animal soon because they will enjoy and spent time with the sacrificial animal”.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Municipal Administration, Enforcement and Environment Wing of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and CDA has been directed to ensure that there will be no illegal sale/purchase of sacrificial animals in other parts of the city except the approved site, which has been auctioned for temporary municipal cattle market.